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The enormous increase in demand of water, due to the expansion of industry and the growing domestic water consumption has been rising at double the rate of population growth during this century.

The increased water needs grows in parallel with more stringent quality requirements.
As water becomes more and more scares, an effective and economical approach to water treatment becomes necessary. Water becomes the liquid gold of the future.

In addition to water scarcity available water quality detoriation due to pollution is also becoming a major challenge. In Indian Industry due to globalization there is a revolution in water protocols and water quality monitoring systems in food, pharma and all industries due to different standards like GMP,WHO,ISO 9000,ISO 14000.

Few years back there was a practice to assign water treatment and monitoring job to a maintenance Department personals. As because water treatment and monitoring is playing a major roll in process, a separate water professionals are required for operation and maintenance of water and waste water treatment systems such as Revese Osmosis system, Ultra Filtration M/ Softeners, Sewage Treatment and Effluent Treatment plants.

Neel Group is in the field of Water and Waste water treatment industry from last 10 years. We have Desinged, fabricated and installed water and waste water treatment systems successfully in various types of industries. Which includes Steel Industries, Sugar & Distillery, Pharmacy & Chemicals, Textiles, Food, Dairy and Oil Refinery, Engineering industries, Drinking Water Projects, Swimming pool Filtration, Hospitals, Hotels, Mineral Water Plants ,Bulk Drug Industries etc.

Total Water Management is becoming a key word in modern industries which is changing the concept of services or service supports. Neel Operations Offers you Total   water support in operation and maintenance for your water and waste water treatment systems as your water partner.

Dr Ryszard Kaszuba Phd ( Engg) Regional Chief Executive - South Asia -SAR Chief Executive -India,Shri Lanka & Bangladesh, Bureau Veritas ( I) Pvt Ltd. giving ISO Certificate to Mr. Atul Nivargi, Director, Neel Operations
ISO Certificate
ISO Certificate

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